Monday, February 20, 2006

First Practice Drive

I was able to figure out how to take the tow dolly off the RV. It was pretty easy. But I'm going to have to duck tape the wires back on that Bob had on there. But I didn't break anything and I think I can get it back on there again. And off.

So I drove around the dirt road circle. There is a mesquite tree that needs some trimming. It is scrapping the top of the RV. Bucky said I could use his tree trimmer. Plan on doing that this afternoon after lunch.

Anyway, the RV drives much easier then the truck with the 5th wheel did. So I decided to take if for a test drive on actual road.

I got it through the gate, no problem. And then onto the county road we live on. That was the worse road of the whole trip. It is pretty narrow.

Then I got through the S-curve just fine and onto a state paved road. Thank goodness, that bumpy county road is a little jarring.

Then I took it on a state highway through a small town near where we live and back onto the county road. A nice little spin.

The RV handled beautifully although I did have a tight grip on the steering wheel the whole time. It has good pick up and go. I had to keep watching my speed because I'd look down and I'd be going much faster then I thought I was.

Will have to keep an eye on ole lead foot Amy when she is driving. Just because it is bigger then the ambulances she used to drive doesn't mean she can go as fast as one with its lights and sirens on!!!

I think she is going to like driving it. And I think it will be a lot easier pulling a car behind us then I thought. Yeah!

After I got back from the test drive, I looked around more on the inside. I figured out how the sofa bed works. It is pretty comfortable but the person closet to the window will have a heck of time getting out trying to get to the bathroom.

And there doesn't seem to be a cable inlet for hook up to cable. If Amy had known that she might have called off the whole deal. LOL! She does like her TV. Anyway, I think it will be easy to install something like that. Or rather to get someone to install that. I'll leave that for Amy to figure out!!

Virgin Trip Planned

Just got off the phone making reservations for our first trip in the RV. I wanted to go somewhere close but not so close that we didn't get some practice driving the rig.

So we are going to Fredericksburg on San Jacinto day. I have off from work that day. We are going to stay two nights. Hopefully. Amy has to work on Saturday but maybe she could drive in from there. She is trying to get that Saturday off.

We'll see. But at least we can stay one night. Check in is at noon so I'd like to leave here around 11 am. Will have to get Amy up early though.... Okay, maybe we won't get there until 1 PM.

For this trip, I don't want to tow the car. But then how will we get around in Fredericksburg? Hmmm... if one of us drives it then one of us misses out on being in the RV on the trip down. Okay, maybe we will tow a car. I think I can, I think I can....

Oh, I can't wait!! For now I need to get Bucky to help me get the tow dolly off so I can learn how. And I also what to drive it around some. Practice, practice, practice. So I won't be so scared.

But I did drive it around our dirt road one time. It was pretty easy after I opened my eyes (just kidding!).

Sunday, February 19, 2006

We Now Own A 1985 Pace Arrow

Can you believe it? We are now the proud owners of a 1985 Pace Arrow that is in excellent condition. We bought from Bob and Sue Hassert of New Braunfels. They were a real treat to buy from. Very honest and forthright. A real pleasure.

Don't have a picture of it yet. Can't seem to find my camera. But I downloaded these pictures of a similar one that was for sell from a dealer in Florida.

Isn't it just great! I'm so excited. I was online last night looking for a place for us to take in a week or two for an overnight stay. I want to get used to driving it and parking it. Will take it for a spin tomorrow.

Right now I'm going to go sit in it some more.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Are Buying An RV!!!

We found a 1985 Fleetwood Pace Arrow for $16,000 that is in perfect condition and only have 45,000 miles.

My friend Donna told me about her parent's RV that they were wanting to sell. So we went to look at it on Sunday, the bank approved the loan, and now it just needs to be inspected.

Wow! We may really do this thing!!