Thursday, November 24, 2005

Move Complete

Yesterday, Amy and I drove into Austin to finish up the cleaning of the townhouse, take the last of the stuff to Goodwill, and wait for Salvation Army to pick up the washer and dryer plus a couple of other large items.

Jason is lending us is washer and dryer which are much newer then the ones we had in Austin. I got that set when I bought the house on Dull Knife in 1997. The woman who sold me that house had had them for years. Hopefully, the buzzer on this dryer isn't long and obnoxious. The old one drove Amy crazy!!

I've got most of the common area stuff unpacked. The china cabinet is all set up with Grandma's china. I don't ever use the stuff. We are too everyday-plate-or-fastfood kinda gals. But I like to see them through the glass cabinet doors.

I still can't believe how much stuff we still have. If we had wanted to move directly into an RV, we'd have a problem. I'm glad we have the mobile home to live in for the next year or so. And I'm glad we will be using it for a home base for when we are in Texas to visit family and to stay sometime out of the year.

Still can't decide on a 5th wheel vs. a motorhome. If money was no object I'd go with the motorhome and towing Amy's car behind it. Don't know why that really appeals to me.

We lived in a 5th wheel for a year. It was 34 and half feet long. It was great to live in, but a hassle to tow.

Sure a motorhome can be long too, but I like the idea of having the toad to drive when we are wherever we are rather then a big truck like the F350 I had to tow the 5th wheel with.

Need to do some more research. I'd like to buy something in May or June of next year. That way we have the summer to get it ready and to get used to driving in it. We can take a couple of weekend trips in it to get the kinks worked out.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Last Minute Packing

This weekend has been spent doing last minute packing for our move to Marble Falls. The mover come on Monday and there is still a bunch left to do. However, I think we have a lot done and even if it all isn't ready by Monday, the movers will be able to take a whole lot of stuff, especially the big stuff.

We've got half the garage full of boxes to be moved. And the other half of the garage is filled with stuff we are giving away.

Several friends have come by to look at the stuff and take off what they want. Elizabeth wants the large buffet we got at auction a few years ago. She is trying to figure out how to get it move though.

Amy's boss is taking quite a few pieces of the furniture that we are giving away. She is moving in January into an apartment and doesn't have much to start with. I'm glad to know someone will get good use out of it.

The rest of the stuff will be packed up and I'll have Salvation Army come out to get it.

It is nice to be letting go of so much stuff. But I'm glad we don't have to get rid of everything yet. And since we have the house in Marble Falls, we probably won't have to for awhile if ever. Even when we hit the road. I like the idea of having the house there as a home base we can come back to once or twice a year, especially in the winter when it is cold up north!!

So the first step in our ultimate move to full-time RV'ing is almost complete.

I am sad though. The townhouse we have been living in the last two years was my father's townhouse. It reminds me of him and letting it go feels somewhat like letting him go.