Sunday, October 30, 2005

Getting Ready To Move

Next Tuesday the movers are coming to move all our stuff to our house in Marble Falls. We are moving out to our house there so that we can save on paying on the townhouse here in town. The money we save will be used for the down payment for the RV and for living expenses when we first hit the road.

I've been spending the weekend sorting my stuff and packing up what is going with us. Half the garage is filled with stuff that we are giving away and the other half is filled with boxes ready for the movers.

Elizabeth and Cristina came by today to take things I'm giving away. Elizabeth wants the buffet but it may be too big for her dining room. It is a lovely piece we got at auction a few years ago. We've used it for storing all of Amy's candles and my serving dishes and linens. But it is really too big for the mobile home even though we had it out there before. Plus most of the stuff that was in it we are giving away.

I gave four shopping bags worth of yarn to Cristina. She is teaching her students at the high school she teaches at how to knit. They are in need of yarn and needles. I had a bunch of yarn left over from projects I finished years ago when I was crotcheting. My goal is to only have yarn in the house that fits in the knitting rolling bag I bought at Joann's a few weeks ago. It can hold enough for my current project and a couple of up coming projects. I don't want to have more yarn then that at any given time especially when we are in the RV.

We've set a goal for when we will be on the road full-time in the RV. My web programming contract with the state is up at the end of August 2006. So we are going to buy the RV sometime next summer so we can get used to it and prepared for the trip. Then we will leave the first or second week of September giving a month to get to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta the second week of October.

I want to go to Big Bend National Park and Amy wants to take me to Carlsbad Caverns since I've never been there either. Plus we can see parts of west and northwest Texas that I've never been to before on our way to Albuquerque.

From Albuquerque I'd like to go to Santa Fe and Taos. And I'd like to go back to Mesa Verde in Colorado in the four corners area. Maybe see Durango. Then we can head to the Grand Canyon. Amy has never been there before and I've been there from the North Rim side only.

There are a lot of places that I visited on my cross-country trip with Andy and Kelly (who are expecting in April, a girl, yeah!!!) back in 1994 when we drove up to Alaska to stay with my brother and his then girlfriend, now wife. We went to several national parks in Utah and Arizionia and Colorado. I'd like to see those again. And there are tons of places in Calafornia that I want to go. Plus Amy has never been to Vegas so I'm sure we will figure that in too. And I'd like to go to Reno and Lake Tahoe.