Monday, March 06, 2006

Next Road Trip Planned

It isn't until May for Memorial Day weekend so we might end up going somewhere else between now and then, but we are going to GeoWoodstock 4 in Dallas May 26th - 29th with the RV.

Between now and then we need to take the RV in for an oil change, tune up, and an estimate for repairs to the antenna, air conditioner, and refrigerator. Plus I want them to look at the tires and let us know if they need to be replaced.

I like geocaching and all but I'm not sure about a whole weekend of it with a bunch of other geeky geocachers. Luckily, we will have the RV and at least one AC unit working. I can bring my knitting and a good book and I'll be set.

There is a BBQ dinner scheduled for Saturday night. And oh!!! we get a free t-shirt and button. Yippe! :0

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Offending Picture

Amy didn't want me to post this picture of her stuck on the bunk that she posted about. But I really think we need to remember this with a visual!

And really, I wouldn't have let her fall and hurt herself. I mean my computer was right there and I wouldn't have wanted her to land on it! ;)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Sue's never going to let us borrow the RV again

We have probably made more of a mess in this RV over the last two days than Sue and Bob did the entire 20 years they owned it. The fridge wasn't working so we put ice in there with our perishables. Of course, it leaked so we got the floor wet. Rhonda made us a yummy breakfast this morning but spilled pancake batter on the floor. We've both spilled soda on the floor as well. At least it was all easily cleaned up. We have some big shoes to fill in regards to the upkeep of this rig.

So we have this pull down bed above the cab. It's not the most easily accessible place in here. I couldn't get myself up there, Rhonda said it was because I was too short. She managed to get up there so I thought surely I could make it. I used the chair and managed to pull my not-so-dainty ass up there. I was worried it would not hold me and wanted to get down. So, there I was dangling off the edge not able to find the chair with my "short little legs" and I'm asking Rhonda for help. Actually, it was more like "Rhonda, help me down!!!!! Rhonda, come here and help me!!!! Put down that goddamn camera and help me down!!! Don't you dare take a picture!!! For the love of god and small children, put down that camera and help me!!!!!" She did help me...after she took that damn picture. Sometimes she can be so evil!

Oh, and did I say anything about our couch/pullout bed? Like how comfortable it is? Well, you won't hear my say that, cause it's not! I rolled over in the middle night and hit the wall so when I rolled the other way, I hit Rhonda. And then there's that ridge that runs right down the middle. Oh yeah, that's special. The only other alternatives are the twin beds made of granite and the kitchen table. Hmmmmm, which one should I choose? Actually, I think once we get the bedroom set up with a bigger more comfortable bed, it will work out just fine.

It's going to be challenging living in here with three cats and a dog plus a wife and myself but I have no doubt we will figure it out. It's a little smaller than what we used to have but it will be okay. The shower isn't too bad, it actually has pretty good water pressure. The water closet is another matter. It's very, very tiny. It's a wee place to wee. We are talking miniature toilet here. My ass hangs over into the trash can, :-). It is going to be challenging.

This was a fun first trip. We still have a few kinks to iron out but that's half the fun. We have to get up at the ass crack of dawn in the morning because I have to go to work. Putting up and taking down this motorhome is so much easier than the fifth wheel we used to have. I can't wait for the next trip!

Walking Around Fredericksburg

Today we walked over to the main part of town. It was about a mile walk. But the weather was nice so it wasn't too bad. But they don't have many sidewalks in this town so we had to walk on the street most of the way there.

Here is an old building and truck we saw on our walk.

Fredericksburg is an old town and we saw lots of old buildings and warehouses.

We did a couple of geocaches. One was a virtual cache and the other was a multi-cache. We were able to find the first part of the multi-cache but didn't find the second one. We may have gotten the coordinates for the second half wrong.

Here is a picture of what Amy called a "Pioneer Totem Pole". This was in Pioneer park where the virtual cache was located.

We also had lunch at Wheeler's on Main Street at Llano. Both Amy and I had the chicken salad. She had hers on a croissant with potato soup. I had mine by itself along with a green salad and fruit. We shared peach cobbler with ice cream. Mmmmm good!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We're In

Drove down to Fredericksburg, an easy hour drive from home, to the Fredericksburg RV park. Amy drove and she did a great job. I only got scared once!!

It was easy getting the RV in the pull-thru slot and set up. The water inlet leaks a little. We probably need a new gasket or something.

Also, the fridge seems to be working now. Amy pulled of the electronics panel and I guess the jiggling of the wires got it to working. However, I don't think it was on during the drive down.

The back air conditioner doesn't appear to be working. Amy looked at but she couldn't figure it out. So we will have to have that looked at when we take the RV in for some maintance.

We didn't check the propane gas before we left and it appears we don't have any. Will have to get that filled up before our next trip.

I hope there is enough for me to cook eggs and pancakes in the morning. I brought the outside grill for steak tonight and chicken tomorrow. Plus I have the steamer for the vegetables and the microwave the potatoes. We have salad too.

I made sandwiches when we got all set up. And we had chips and cookies. Real camping food!

It is nice being all set up. And having Wi-fi. It so much faster then the connection we have at home. I took some pictures of us in front of the RV.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Getting Ready For First Trip

Went to Wal-mart today on the way home from work to pick up some dishes and utensils for the RV. I've got them washing in the dishwasher right now.

Got some dish towels and dish clothes and dish soap for the kitchen. And I also put some pans in a cabinet.

I backed up the RV all by myself into the compound. The RV park has pull-thru only spaces so that should be easier than the backing up I had to do tonight. It took me about 30 minutes to do it because I kept getting out and checking my position so I didn't hit anything. Would have been easier with someone spotting me but I did it myself and now I know I can.

Then I hooked it up to electricity. The front air conditioner is working all right but I couldn't get the back one to click on.

And the refrigerator won't click on either. Bob and Sue had that fixed at Camping World but then again, Camping World broke the antenna and tried to play it off as it was broken already. So they might have just said they fixed the refrigerator when they really didn't. Or it could be operator error. Will have Amy look at that when she gets home.

In any case, we have the mini fridge that runs on propane and electricity. So we can take that with us. It isn't big but should hold the stuff we need refrigerated. I'll check it again in a few hours to see if it was just taking its time to get cool.

And it might be a fuse for the AC and the fridge. I'll have to have Amy look at that stuff too because I don't really know much about fuses and such. Although I'm sure I could figure it out!

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up some things for the trip. I want to make sausage, eggs, and pancakes on Friday morning. And I want to grill out steak and have asparagus and salad for Thursday night. I'll bring some sandwich makings for lunch. Plus snacks.

It is a lot to do just for a 2 night trip. But really this is a practice run so we can see what all needs our attention and to remember how to live in an RV again.

I've convinced Amy that we don't need to tow the car this time. I'd like to get just driving the RV under our belts before we move up to that.

Okay... Gotta get to packing the rest of the stuff we need in the RV.

I was thinking about sleeping in the RV tonight. Am I a goober or what?