Friday, March 03, 2006

Walking Around Fredericksburg

Today we walked over to the main part of town. It was about a mile walk. But the weather was nice so it wasn't too bad. But they don't have many sidewalks in this town so we had to walk on the street most of the way there.

Here is an old building and truck we saw on our walk.

Fredericksburg is an old town and we saw lots of old buildings and warehouses.

We did a couple of geocaches. One was a virtual cache and the other was a multi-cache. We were able to find the first part of the multi-cache but didn't find the second one. We may have gotten the coordinates for the second half wrong.

Here is a picture of what Amy called a "Pioneer Totem Pole". This was in Pioneer park where the virtual cache was located.

We also had lunch at Wheeler's on Main Street at Llano. Both Amy and I had the chicken salad. She had hers on a croissant with potato soup. I had mine by itself along with a green salad and fruit. We shared peach cobbler with ice cream. Mmmmm good!


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