Thursday, March 02, 2006

We're In

Drove down to Fredericksburg, an easy hour drive from home, to the Fredericksburg RV park. Amy drove and she did a great job. I only got scared once!!

It was easy getting the RV in the pull-thru slot and set up. The water inlet leaks a little. We probably need a new gasket or something.

Also, the fridge seems to be working now. Amy pulled of the electronics panel and I guess the jiggling of the wires got it to working. However, I don't think it was on during the drive down.

The back air conditioner doesn't appear to be working. Amy looked at but she couldn't figure it out. So we will have to have that looked at when we take the RV in for some maintance.

We didn't check the propane gas before we left and it appears we don't have any. Will have to get that filled up before our next trip.

I hope there is enough for me to cook eggs and pancakes in the morning. I brought the outside grill for steak tonight and chicken tomorrow. Plus I have the steamer for the vegetables and the microwave the potatoes. We have salad too.

I made sandwiches when we got all set up. And we had chips and cookies. Real camping food!

It is nice being all set up. And having Wi-fi. It so much faster then the connection we have at home. I took some pictures of us in front of the RV.


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