Friday, March 03, 2006

Sue's never going to let us borrow the RV again

We have probably made more of a mess in this RV over the last two days than Sue and Bob did the entire 20 years they owned it. The fridge wasn't working so we put ice in there with our perishables. Of course, it leaked so we got the floor wet. Rhonda made us a yummy breakfast this morning but spilled pancake batter on the floor. We've both spilled soda on the floor as well. At least it was all easily cleaned up. We have some big shoes to fill in regards to the upkeep of this rig.

So we have this pull down bed above the cab. It's not the most easily accessible place in here. I couldn't get myself up there, Rhonda said it was because I was too short. She managed to get up there so I thought surely I could make it. I used the chair and managed to pull my not-so-dainty ass up there. I was worried it would not hold me and wanted to get down. So, there I was dangling off the edge not able to find the chair with my "short little legs" and I'm asking Rhonda for help. Actually, it was more like "Rhonda, help me down!!!!! Rhonda, come here and help me!!!! Put down that goddamn camera and help me down!!! Don't you dare take a picture!!! For the love of god and small children, put down that camera and help me!!!!!" She did help me...after she took that damn picture. Sometimes she can be so evil!

Oh, and did I say anything about our couch/pullout bed? Like how comfortable it is? Well, you won't hear my say that, cause it's not! I rolled over in the middle night and hit the wall so when I rolled the other way, I hit Rhonda. And then there's that ridge that runs right down the middle. Oh yeah, that's special. The only other alternatives are the twin beds made of granite and the kitchen table. Hmmmmm, which one should I choose? Actually, I think once we get the bedroom set up with a bigger more comfortable bed, it will work out just fine.

It's going to be challenging living in here with three cats and a dog plus a wife and myself but I have no doubt we will figure it out. It's a little smaller than what we used to have but it will be okay. The shower isn't too bad, it actually has pretty good water pressure. The water closet is another matter. It's very, very tiny. It's a wee place to wee. We are talking miniature toilet here. My ass hangs over into the trash can, :-). It is going to be challenging.

This was a fun first trip. We still have a few kinks to iron out but that's half the fun. We have to get up at the ass crack of dawn in the morning because I have to go to work. Putting up and taking down this motorhome is so much easier than the fifth wheel we used to have. I can't wait for the next trip!


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