Sunday, July 16, 2006

Next Trip Planning

Amy and I are thinking about going to Big Bend in October for about 5 days. It will take us about 10 hours or more to get there and then the same amount to get to Dallas so that Amy can do the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk in Dallas.

I've never been to Big Bend National Park and this way if we go we won't necessarily need to take a detour there on our way out west when we leave for full-timing.

I did a workshop yesterday where we did treasure mapping. You go through magazines and cut out things you'd like to have in your life. I wasn't thinking to much about our full-timing plan. But the first magazine I picked up was a Texas Monthly which had all kinds of ads for travel destination in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and California among others. Just perfect. And in another magazine I found a picture of all the states I'm hoping to visit first. It was of New Mexico north to Canada and New Mexico west to the Pacific.

My treasure map turned out great. And now I have a visual reminder of what I want to being doing. I put it on my dresser in the bedroom so that I'll see it several times a day. And I turn the results over to HP.

I'll need to scan it and post it.


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